Units: Scholars


And those children think the governor doesn’t care about them. Teachers will teach the children (and some adults) the finer parts of Roman life. Their main use though is for you to get a higher culture rating. And because we do not want those rioters across the street to say bad words, don’t we.


COUGH! COUGH! We don’t like to hear that sound but sooner or later some flea-bitten immigrant will settle right in the middle of your labor force and infect the whole community. That’s where the doctor comes in. If he finds the problem he will cure it so the prefects don’t have to burn the houses down to prevent it from spreading. If only the prefects could prevent the fire from spreading 🙁


Your people want to be religious, so they will want priests. The priest comes from the temple and spreads the good (or bad) news coming from the five Gods in CIII. With a large city your will want many of these people walking around or beware of b