Units: Intruders

Carthaginian Infantry

BOY!!! Talk about tough. If I knew these dudes were getting out of the Alps and into my town , I would be importing and making weapons and whipping my legions into shape. I would also be towering from one side of the map to the other. The only problem is that 99% of the time I don’t have the denarii to do it :(.Where there is smoke, there is fire, and these dudes along with their pachyderm pals are enough smoke to whip up a fire. So when you see the movie file telling you that these dudes are coming, wall up, gate up, tower up, keep Mars happy and make sure you have your full amount of military units, which is six forts full. That is, if you can afford it :(. Although, you can always row the oars on the war galleries.

Hun Infantry

Nobody likes these dudes, they ride into town with their little spears and their buddy on a donkey, and taking WHATEVER tickles their fancy. And the worst thing is they draw all of your dumb prefects thinking they can take them on. Well even three show off prefects against one trained Hun will all fall like they have been smitten by the black plague. Though when you think of it, the way the Huns dress they look like the black plague. Just like any other invasion of enemy militia though, make sure you have a REAL army trained at the forts and academy. Plus some walls to make sure they don’t make your happy- go-lucky citizens mad at you for letting a drunken Hun get into their luxury villa.

Judean Infantry

Ahhhhh, you’re having a wonderful time watching three dudes on a donkey buying 500 denari worth of weapons. To bad you didn’t pay any attention to that message saying that there has been a sighting of a Judean army just outside the city grounds. When they come in and you are unprepared, all the prefects and engineers in the Roman world couldn’t stop every building on the map from total collapse. But Caesar can, he can fire you just before that governors place of yours becomes expensive rubble. Moral of the story, when you hear that first warning, make sure you have some sort of defense that can stand up to them, or there will be a MAJOR change of lifestyle. But if they do destroy your army and make nothing of your towers, just hope you are not prone to seasickness and can swim.


This ruthless character begins bad rumors about the governor (you) and starts fires in your city. If you do not have a Prefect in your town not even the engineer next door is going to save your city from total collapse.

Greek Soldier

This is not one of your best chums, actually he means trouble. Go to the Prefect unit description to find out just how much.


UGHA BUGHA! These annoyances club your prefects and steal all your pottery and turn your furniture into mahogany colored clubs. They make a mess of everything the get their dirty hands on and drink all the wine and oil and eat all the meat and veggies and wheat. But you can prevent all this by having a group of auxiliaries to slash them.