Units: Civilians


Prefects are essential to the general security of any city. They help control city crime/rioting and prevent and fight fires. They are not much good at fighting barbarians and even three of them attacking one enemy soldier will most likely result in the death of all three. This is why if you happen to query him while attacking a soldier he will tell you that this is not a good idea.


This helpful character helps keep buildings from collapsing. If you right click on him he will give you advice like any other character.

Market Trader

This shrill-voiced market trader takes food and goods to her market, and then delivers these supplies to the houses on her route…when she is good and ready. Like all citizens, she sometimes gets a little lost or waylaid by all your city’s attractions.


HEY YOU CRAZY KIDS! GET AWAY FROM THAT ROAD?..POW!!! Well! That shows how good of a job our teachers are doing to educate our children. WHERE’S MY EDUCATION ADVISOR! THE MILITARY ADVISIOR SAID THE PRIMA LEGION NEEDED A DUMMY FOR THE LEGIONS TO PRACTICE POKING INSTEAD OF SLASHING! Ok, now that problem is solved (both the lack of a good education advisor seeing that I just appointed myself as the education advisor and the prima legion has their dummy.) seeing these children means that the nearby area has access to a school for a short period.

Market Kid

This fat lady here told me to carry this and follow her! Though at first thought I was thinking I needed to build more schools because these kids were dumb enough to follow strangers I realized that this is a good sign. The longer the line is the more the girl up front can give and also shows how much we can give of the resource to the houses.

Fishing Boat

Ahhh, meat, fish to be more exact. These boats go to water areas circled by seagulls and deliver their catch to the dock. From the dock they go to the granary and then bon appetite. But a word of caution, don’t try to build a sector of villas near them because these men are gruff and will scare the rich dudes away.


Nobody wants to be a barbarian (What the Romans called unshaven men), and if you want to have a Patrician to move into a section you better have someone to shave him. And he also has many other uses. He helps you look like that clean-shaven man carved in stone you call yourself. He helps the clean up men from having to mop the floor because the bearded man soaked his beard in the wine and dripped the wine all over the floor. And although not proven it could be helpful to the cities health, because the last thing you want is the richest patrician to die because he cut himself one to many times with the scissors :(.

Homeless Man

If you see one of these men it just means that they are moving to another house because the old one was demolished, or changed value and couldn’t live there anymore. But if you see many, watch the population counter drop WAAAAAAAAAY down and look at your labor advisor whine for more people.

Tax Collector

Nobody wants to see this character, BUT YOU. You need the tax to build your town and to pay debts to the Emperor. If you don’t get these dudes your going to be in the RED really fast.


Citizens are Roman workers that enable you to build and run your city. These are your lower to middle class workers who always moan about conditions, drink all your wine at your many lavish feasts and will burn down your city just because the bath house has greasy rings that were not cleared out in time.

Bath Worker

This gentle character travels around the city to spread bath access. And also was the first Roman girl to find out how to dye her hair.


This larger-than-life character helps your citizens to relax. He hails from an Actor Colony which must be built for him and struts and frets his hour upon the stage at Theatres and Amphitheaters. If he is bad enough, he just may find himself in a death scene trying to placate the savage beast at the Colosseum. Apparently quite a few names of ‘real world’ actors have been assigned to them. I personally suspect he was modeled after Mel Brooks.


The gladiators produce a cruel and gruesome form of entertainment for the citizens of your city, as opposed to the more laid back theatrical plays. Better build him a colosseum or he may just hack into Mel, the actor. He will actually take a swipe at your invaders.

Lion Tamer

These tamed beasts (or so they say.) provide your rich aristocrats with the diverse and dangerous entertainment they need to stay happy. They also take a chomp at any invaders they face. they only fight at the coloseum.


There are never enough of these guys to go around. They give lots of DN in taxes and make your tax collectors very happy.The only problem with these guys is it can take mucho DN just to afford the things it takes to tempt these snots to move into your housing.