Units: Animals


ARGHHHHHH!!! I NEED that patch of farmland you piece of wool! We all hate these dudes, they ALWAYS get in the way of the builders and just sit there. And the only way to get rid of these dudes is to herd them into the ocean. And after you try for the one-thousandth time to export ’em, you kinda get hungry for lamb chops, don’t you.


SHEW you pesky stripe wearing horse! ALL RIGHT! WHO PAINTED THEIR HORSE! AS SOON AS I FIND OUT WHO DID THIS THEY’RE ON A ONE WAY TICKET OUT OF THE LEGION AND INTO THE PIG FARM! I don’t think the centurion is gonna find the guy who did this, because I don’t think he wants to climb Mt. Olympus and mess with Zeus himself. They get in the way of the building just like their woolen friends in the animal kingdom, and we are not even sure if we can export them. And they don’t even make good horses for the fort.


The worst kind of animal, and the hardest to get rid of. With sheep you can export them, with zebras you can wall them, but the builders are afraid to do anything to wolves, for good reasons. They prance into the most important part of town and kill the guys pushing the cart full of expensive weapons just before they reach the warehouse and whoops! There goes those three guys on a donkey, they always seemed so happy, but now they look angry, I wonder why? And they usually have bags full of weapons, nothing there but a lot of denarii.