Jayhawk’s Tingis Walkthrough

Tingis Tango

So I arrived in Green and Pleasant Tingis.

The story so far:

I started out building a block of housing just North of the farmland, next to the plateau, well south of the river. I added farms, woodcutters, and furniture shops. Some temples followed together with some basic facilities. Water was supplied via reservoirs and aquaducts along the river. I also put in two javelin forts and a recruiter.

I managed to start trade, furniture to Caesarea, before I hit 0 denarii. I used this money to add another block next to the first and increased my farming area. Put in an academy before the javs were fully staffed. This time I also had my first local uprising in Tingis which cost me some troops.

A request for pottery caught me red handed and I managed to ship it with a several months delay, and cost me a lot of money.

One invasion showed up, loincloth clad and spear casting. Their fellow sword carriers crashed into my peltasts. They held and slaughtered them. However, I did loose more troops.

I decided to import weapons from Carthago Nova to get a heavy infantry barrier between me and the natives. This required a minor village closer to the river and put me in the red figures.

I got a loan which I immediately spent on weapons, falling in debt again. A look at the map told me I should start exporting pottery too. This helped getting me out of the red figures a second time.

The next invasion was met by 5 legionaires (sixth one came running in ) and they shielded the peltasts. Net effect, two casualties on my side, enemy destroyed.

I started over producing my pottery and furniture. Have build a third block more towards the river and weathered another 3 invasions and an uprising. Housing level is at (imported) oil level and steady.

It looks like the only the number of inhabitants will be a problem. I might try a small villa block on the other shore as it has it’s own food options, i.e. theres some farm land.

I played another bit of Tingis in which I faced a rather large invasion and suffered some losses (8 soldiers, mainly peltats). I might decide to add another legion of heavy infantry just in case.

Apart from that I’m expanding more and more and have crossed the river for the patch of farmland and a large housing section. Luckily I can supply two foods, pottery and furniture here.

I also seem to have some distribution problems, as my food supply took a dive. Instead of keeping my houses supplied with pottery the market traders are all out looking for food. If this keeps up I might get into trouble…

I’ve also used a gatehouse to disconnect the two sides of the river. Guess I got too used to Pharaoh’s roadblock

A bit more on those troops.

I passed the grade in Carthago with not much more than 2 units of javelins, the third one was mostly decoatove, thoughthey turned out indispensible when I faced a native uprising during an invasion!

I think I can manage Tingis without heavy infantry, but I don’t really rely on point defencews. I have some bits of walls with a few towers, but that’s it. Also note that the price of walls and towers allow you to pay for a fair sized army!

So why am I using legionaires in Tingis? Well, the invaders are quite fast, almost as fast as my peltasts and that includes their swordsmen. These chappies will cut up my boys quite happily. Adding a layer of steel in between, even in the line order, will take the brunt of the swordsmen’s charge. Which will give my peltasts the time to pelt them with javelins.

The peltasts also have this unhappy tendency that when two are involved in melee the other 14 will stand and watch, maybe cheer, but they won’t help by adding their javelins to the fray. Sometimes it’s hard to disentangle your troops…

So that takes care of the swordmen.

The enemy spear carriers normally wait a while before committing themselves. So after their friends are chopped up, I send the heavy infantry forward to close for melee. The enemy will target the closest units, so I bring in my peltasts to finish off the spear casters.

End of battle.
Losses minimal.

I may actually build a fortress of light cavalry and see if I can use those to flank the peltasts whithout suffering too severe losses.

As for the placement of the heavy infantry. They normally are located central to one of the edges. This reduces the distance they have to walk. A unit of peltasts in each corner makes for an effective way to lead the enemy to his destruction…

I played a few more years, 16 or so in total by now. I had a few more invasions which I met with 1 unit of heavy infantry, 2 units of peltasts and a unit of light horse. The horse are fun to throw in from the side or the back once the enemy is commited.

I seem to be running in to a nasty problem though…food or rather lack of it. I think I’ve used the farm area as effective as possible. I’m importing meat, but I still only have enough food to feed 6000 odd people. I need 8000…

Don’t tell me the only way to get this done, is go back to say 5000 people, build a ‘hundred’ granaries and start storing food. Then when I’ve got a stock, add housing to get to the required level?

It would really make me unhappy if this is the only way to get this done, as this would mean the city is basically unviable.

After some help from Brugle and fishamn the following revisions will be tried

  • increase the ratio of wheat/vegetable farms
  • double check the distances to the graneries (I think I’m safe there…)
  • be patient

Well, that helped
I swapped 30% of my vegetable farms for wheat farms. I added close to a dozen granaries, closer to those fields.
Then I added a last block and upped the speed. A double invasion was stopped with a little damage and a month or two later the the victory screen came up.

Final statistics.

  • Culture 73 (I didn’t bother to get this higher or build a hippodrome)
  • Properity 55 (some housing still growing, as I had too much )
  • Peace 100
  • Favour 72 (no bribes)
  • Pop 8000
  • Denarii 94428.

Onwards to Lutetia.
Seems food will be the problem here too. Nasty a wolf pack hiding in the forest

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