Jayhawk’s Tarsus Walkthrough

Something fishy in the state of Tarsus

Well.. it’s dry, there fish, fish and …then there’s fish to eat.

I don’t like fish. Trade seems to be rich, lots of marble and weapons, and furniture. However, I’ll need to import clay/pottery and olives/oil. Also the minable area is located on a small island.

Then I’m supposed to get visitors dropping in for a jug of wine…or two…or three.

On to the walkthrough.

After having a look at the trade options I placed a block just south of the island added a bunch of limestome pits and got my fishing industry started. Soon the donkeys came for my marble and money flowed in steadily. An early festival to Mars got me his blessing.

I decided to ignore the first call to arms and let Mars do his job. A second block was added and I started my weapons trade, also landbased. Caesar started asking for iron ore. With half a dozen mines this wasn’t too hard to comply.
The first invasion was annihilated by Mars and I started building two forts of peltasts and an academy. These were placed in the NE corner of the map, close by the invasion point.

I added a small group of housing on the island for better access to the mines. They currently are up to large casa and complaining about lack of entertainment. I think I can do something about that at a later stage.

The blocks were grown to pottery level and I used the bailout, a couple thousand to start another (disconnected) block and a dock real close to the entry point. For some reason I forgot to turn clay import on so it took a while for my pottery industry to develop.

Another block was added as an invasion or two were quickly crushed by my two legions. I did decide to add a fort of light horse to attack the enemy archers from up close. Overkil, but fun to watch.

I did plunk down into debt a few times and fire coverage was behaving strangely. The fisheries near the dock were to few so I imported wheat for a while until I could get a few more wharfs up and going. . Furniture industry and export were started next and money came rolling in.

I’ve started to import pottery as well as I added another two blocks and needed a quicker access to more pottery. Fishing is keeping my harbour villege happy and I’ve started to import olives for oil.

The blocks in the South are all up to large insulae and the total population is close to 5000. The blocks in the west are starting to get access to olive oil and are growing. I think I may need another block which I will probably build in the East, so I can make a villa or two if my prosperity fails to hit 60.

Culture is at my favourite level again: 100 🙂

I watched my housing develop to large insulae in most places and realised I wan’t going to make it with this number of blocks. Two more were added in the west part of the map, which turned out to be too close to the cavalry fort. I moved it further south.

A few fisheries were added, some furniture industry and the two blocks grew rapidly. It had the additional advantage of allowing access for a few more mines (bridge) on the island, as Caesar kept asking for more iron ore.

Another invasion came along and got squashed.

I made a stupid mistake by being to slow to raise my wages (now 45) and saw my city mood detriorate. Especially the new blocks were riddled with crime. I lowered tax from 10% to 9% and upped the salaries. Things got quiet again. Note: Trade keeps reducing prices and quantities, so money was flowing in less rapidly that would be pleasant. I made most of the trade quota, but was close to breaking even in the last year. I did do something real stupid as I lost part of my arms trade due to lack of space in the warehouses. Very stupid.

Final score (after 20 years)

  • Culture – 100
  • Prosperity – 60 (required)
  • Peace – 89
  • Favour – 82
  • Population – 6414
  • Denarii – 11203

I’m off to have some Vun in Valentia.

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