Jayhawk’s Tarraco Walkthrough

Tremors in Tarraco

Well, I spent most of yesterday evening (and a bit of the afternoon) in Taracco, on the Iberian peninsulae. I think the biggest challenge on this map is the lack of space, as it literally cramps your style.

I stared by setting up marble export and a housing block next to the map ‘entry’ Dock placing needs a little attention as there’s more than one water way, but only one with access to the Mediterranean.

I placed a second block just west of the elevated bit of land and put in a bridge into the farming area. Little temples and a few oracles followed. Money is here a plenty and I quickly expanded the industry to include lots of pottery (for export) and furniture to improve housing.

Medium insulae is the highest housing level due to absence of oil.

I cashed in the bail-out and added some housing to the North of the mines and to the for East of the map. Next was increasing the farming area to feed the population.

The big surprise of this map is of course a visit from Neptune resulting in some earth shattering experiences.
This will split up your farm land, but shouldn’t be a real problem

Caesar sends in a few requests for pottery before I finally got a request for oranges in year four or so. I added three fruit farms on the western arable land and complied with ease.

By now I’ve reached the necessary population (2500) and culture’s steady at 100. Prosperity, peace and favour are rising.

I had to wait for another 2-3 years for the peace rating to come in and for a few more requests from Caesar, more pottery and Fruit.

Final ratings (7 years)

  • Culture – 100
  • Prosperity – 36 (and rising)
  • Peace – 34
  • Favour – 70
  • Population – 2662
  • Denari – 19,132

So now I’m off to the other side of the Mediterranean, sunny Miletos. Let’s see if I can make some money here

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