Syracusae Walkthrough

by Angel Reckless Rodent

Architect – Syracusae

This is your first real test as Governor – the objectives are higher and the invasions are (slightly) larger.


Population 4000, Culture 40, Prosperity 20, Peace 25, Favour 20

Caesar Requests

  • 267BC – 5 Oil in 24 Months
  • 264BC – 5 Oil in 24 Months
  • 261BC – 10 Oil in 24 Months


  • 267BC – 9 Greeks from WSW
  • 264BC – 16 Greeks from SE
  • 261BC – 16 Greeks from SW
  • 258BC – ?

Initial Funds


First Loan


Price Changes

267BC – Oil up 40dn





The main problem you will encounter here is the lack of farmland. So, make sure that you use every inch available. Don’t bother with Vegetables, as they take longer to grow than wheat. Build 2 olive farms and 4 oil workshops and start trading oil and weapons from an early stage.

All the trade here is seaborne, and you therefore need to build 2 docks, with the warehouses behind them, to ensure maximum trading efficiency. This, of course, goes for all scenarios where you are trading by sea.

The attacks are easy to deal with and you don’t need to bother getting a full army going – 1 cohort each of legionaries, javelins and cavalry should be more than enough.

Well, that just about concludes Syracusae. If you’re finished here, then let’s all move on to Mediolanum!