Jayhawk’s Sarmizegetusa Walkthrough

It seems I’m not the only one to have arrived here in the deep, dark Germanic forests. Wolves are howling close by and the natives are restless…

Well, I finished Damascus, which was a bit of a disappointment. I had just dispatched a huge Egyptian invasion, which hardly dented my 1L/2J army and then I got the victory messege…no great score.

So I stared Sami…
I began with fencing in the four wolfpacks with some stretches of aquaducts. Next was reorganising the natve roads and adding 3 missions to the three native villages.

I started with two blocks close to the entrance point and weapons industry. Argo land was laid down southwards. Within a short while the native traders discovered my arms export and started buying.

At the invasion warning I laid down a heavy infantry fortress near the West edge and a peltast fortress near the North road. I was interrupted by a native uprising that was put down quickly I did add a few towers to the road network, though.

The invasion came from the south and while I was afraid at first, the whole Goth army crashed on the 2 legions, which caught them near the southern native settlement.

I expanded eastward towards the second village and put up some more grassland. I also added towers next to the Western fort.

Then I got surprised by a native attack from that corner which annihilated my legions and most of the city.

I guess I’ll reload an earlier save.

I reloaded a prior game and started to beefup the defenses on the west side. A tower or to more, one fort on the high ground and another two towers there.
I shamefully admit to have used a single tent there…

The invasion came and flattend itself on the walls and the heavy infantry. A few well placed javelins from sentries and peltast broke the attack and off they went to teh forrest.

I added an agricultural area on the high ground, placed a reservoir close to the edge and managed to get 8 blocks of Large Insulae up there A large 9×9 block was tucked between the water and the rocks

Another large 9×9 blockwas slotted closer to the south and supplied workers for more farms and three towers on the high ground.

I answered Caesars call for help with all for legions and even though there was no threat at hand, added 2 more (1HI/1LI).

I did manage to go in and out of debt several times as I’d missed a few forums.

I started on a small 4 palace district on the opposite side of the lake, to get a nice prosperity boost.

My legions returned victoriously just in time for another attack, which turned out to be a lot of Goths and and native uprising (south). They met a very big wall, which gave my troops time to approach. When they broke through the wall they met the testudos and were showered with javelins. I think I suffered negligeable losses.

Housing evolution went well and I got four medium palaces (didn’t want to build a hippodrome as I didn’t have much space or workers left).

A small uprising (South) was crushed by balistas before they broke through the curtain wall.

Another large invasion came from the west and never breached the city proper. It did manage to breach some of the walls, but the legions were victorious.

Then just after the distant battle warning I was promoted.

It shows you my defences in the West and South, location of the forts and even one of the wolfpens There’s also the four palaces in the East.

Biggest mistake: I didn’t start aggressive enough on the troops.

Final scores

  • Culture – 100
  • Prosperity – 78
  • Peace – 78
  • Favour 79
  • Population – 6000 (target figure)
  • Cash – 17640Db

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