Jayhawk’s Miletus Walkthrough

Making waves in Miletus

Well, I arrived and took a good look around. One smallish patch of farm land, fits a dozen or so farms. Several bits of straght shoreline good for fishing, though most of it seems to be on the two islands.

No clay or wheat, this looks like it’s going to be a long hot summer…

I started with two 7x7s close together near the little oasis and the shoreline. I started fishing and a small sized weapons industry for export. An early festival netted me Mars’ blessing so I decided to ignore the first invasion, after all this is a peaceful mission.

With only 5 fisheries, things didn’t really move along, so I started a third block on the Northmost island. A little squeezing and I could fit in another alf a dozen fisheries.

After a while I started importing clay and built myself a fourth block closes to the entrance/farm area. Here I planted some orchards (relief food) and olive trees for my oil industry.

When the warning for battle came I forgot my good intentions and took the bailout to build my self a ridiculous army, 2 peltasts, 1 heavy infantry all academy trained.
The forts were place mainly in the Northern part of the map.

Housing started to develop in a mismatched way as I still didn’t have enough food. I added close to a dozen fisheries to the Westerns coastline and put a housing block near for labour support. All these blocks connect to after a little while food started flooding in to the central settlement and housing started to ask for something to sit on.

In the mean time the invasion entered my map, all 4 soldiers. The got shot at by two towers, whose crews had been shooting at the zebras up till then and Mars ignored them.


One got killed by the tower guards, a second started hacking at the wall and the other two wandered in to town, killing people. I started to think about hitting the reload button when Mars woke up…phew

Ignoring the fact I kept falling in and out of debt (by now I was exporting arms and oil, while importing clay and pottery) I built a heavy infantry fort closer to the Eastern border.

Caesar is asking for weapons and furniture, requests that aren’t hard to fulfil, so favour is growing.

A second invasion showed up…6 soldiers who blindly walke up to my legions while they were showered with javelins…they didn’t come far.

By now I’m seven years into the mission. There’s some 3.5 thousand people living here, with a 95 culture rating, Prosperity is 32 and rising, Peace is 27 and rising, Favour 47. Housing is moving into grand insulae level.
I expect it will take annother couple of years for the rest of the population to roll in (and maybe another block…or two?)

Onwards to Lugdunum

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Housing block example