Mediolanum Walkthrough

by Angel Reckless Rodent

Quaestor – Mediolanum

This level is fairly demanding militarily, since it contains a little bit of almost everything – Carthaginians and distant battles.


Population 7000, Culture 40, Prosperity 25, Peace 40, Favour 30

Caesar Requests

  • 215BC – 15 Timber in 36 Months
  • 210BC – 15 Timber in 36 Months
  • 210BC – an Army
  • 205BC – 15 Timber in 36 Months
  • 200BC – 15 Timber in 36 Months


  • 217BC – 6 Carthaginians from NE
  • 216BC – 9 Carthaginians from NW
  • 215BC – c.30 Carthaginians and 3 Elephants from NE
  • 214BC – c.45 Carthaginians and 5 Elephants from NW
  • 211BC – c.60 Carthaginians and 6 Elephants from NW
  • 205BC – c.45 Carthaginians and 5 Elephants from SW
  • 204BC – 108 Carthaginians and 12 Elephants from NE
  • 202BC – c.60 Carthaginians and 7 Elephants from NE
  • 199BC – c.45 Carthaginians and 5 Elephants from NE

Initial Funds


First Loan


Price Changes

  • 216BC – Furniture up 20dn
  • 212BC – Weapons up 20dn





At the start of the game, slow it down and wall in the wolves – otherwise, you’ll find that most of your immigrants are eaten as soon as they arrive on the map. Then, when you’ve done that, try to get a blessing from Mars as soon as possible – that’ll sort out the first Carthginian invasion, giving you longer to build up your army.

You need to use the two choke points through the mountains to your advantage. Also, make sure that you build all 6 forts, or you’ll find yourself with a major problem on your hands in 204BC (see above). When Caesar requests an army, you should send 2 cohorts of legionaries and 1 of javelins in order to make sure that you get the triumphal arch. Send this army straight away to ensure that is gets to the threatened city in time.

In terms of trade, you should sell weapons, furniture and any surplus iron you may have. When it comes to housing, you cannot have any building that requires more than 1 type of wine.

That’s about all I’ll say on Mediolanum, let’s move on to Carthago!