Lutetia Walkthrough

by Angel Reckless Rodent

Praetor – Lutetia

Off to Roman Paris this time. OK, so there may be no Moulin Rouge, but it’s a great chance to build a large, thriving, bustling city (with not too much resistance either), and also do some good for the Empire at large.


Population 10000, Culture 45, Prosperity 50, Peace 50, Favour 40

Caesar Requests

  • 65BC – 15 Vegetables in 36 Months
  • 63BC – an Army
  • 60BC – 15 Vegetables in 24 Months
  • 57BC – an Army
  • 55BC – 15 Vegetables in 24 Months
  • 50BC – 15 Vegetables in 24 Months


  • 65BC – c.30 Gauls from WSW
  • 64BC – c.40 Gauls from NNE
  • 60BC – c.60 Gauls from NNE
  • 58BC – c.50 Gauls from NNE
  • 55BC – c.40 Gauls from NNE
  • 53BC – 16 Natives from NNE
  • 51BC – 32 Natives from NNE
  • 45BC – ?

Initial Funds


First Loan


Price Changes

  • 57BC – Furniture down 35dn
  • 54BC – Wine up 35dn
  • 52BC – Vines up 15dn





As usual, you need to get trading early here – the initial funds and first loan don’t tend to go very far. As far as farming is concerned build mainly wheat farms, as they are the quickest to produce their goods, but don’t neglect vegetable and pig farms – Caesar seems to be going through a vegetarian phase during this level, and you need veggies and meat in order to upgrade to villas and palaces, which you will need in order to be able to reach the high prosperity target.

Your armies will fight battles to defend Tarraco in 61BC and 55BC – you’ll need to send 1 cohort each of legionaries, javelins and cavalry in order to defeat the invaders and get Caesar’s (almost) eternal gratitude and some lovely little triumphal arches. Because of the massive favour boost which you’ll get when you save Tarraco, and the low favour requirement, you can afford to pay yourself the Caesar salary – you’ll need all the personal savings you can muster on the next level.

In 62BC, just after you’ve sent your armies off to defend Tarraco for the first time, you’ll encounter a gladiator revolt. This is a pre-programmed event and, as such, cannot be avoided, unless you don’t have any gladiator schools in the city, something which is pretty impractical. They will head for the more upmarket areas of the city, and will trash your palaces (both your own and those belonging to your patricians), Senate, forums, and colosseums. However, lion tamers and prefects will rapidly quell the uprising, and it should be over within a month or so.

You need to try to get 4 luxury palaces to be certain of reaching the prosperity target – this will allow you to have plenty of slum areas in the farmland to supply your farms with workers.

The Gaulish invasions don’t really add up to much, especially since all but the first one come from the same place (in between the trees in the NNE of the map), so build a wall with towers there and you’ll be secure.

When you’re ready to progress, you’ll find yourself sent East to Damascus.