Jayhawk’s Lutetia Walkthrough

Oh, I love Paris (Lutetia) in the Spring Time

Well, it was a bit of a surprise, but I finished this one in a couple of hours (also known as 30 odd years).

I started Friday evening and set up a block near the entry point (NE) and another one near the rocks (W). Brigdes connected these two blocks. Farms were build just below the entry point and I placed two javelin forts near the edge (which turned out to be near the number 1 invasion point).

I opened both export routes and started exporting what I could (weapons and furniture).

The first invasion from the North was met with little problem as was the second, which came from the other (S) side of the map. I added a legion of heavy infantry there, ’cause those Gauls ran pretty fast. I started a cavalery fort on the other map end (SW) and added more blocks and industry as I went along. I missed the first vegeatable request as I had forgotten to set it to stockpiling (not only that I had forgotten I need to set it to stockpiling).

Some more attacks came from the North point and I added another legion of heavy infantry. Then the request for troops to fight in Tarraco came in and I sent of 1 hores, 1 javelin and 1 heavy infantry unit. I just got the message for a victorious encouter in Tarraco, when a new invasion 4-5 tribes came in from the North.

I countered these with a single unit of peltasts and 4 heavy infantry. I let it run to see how effective this would be. Well, it wasn’t. Although they managed to trash half of the invasion. I reloaded the game to just before the invasion and beefed up my defenses. Some towers next to the entry point and a few walls to delay them, while I pulled out my legions and brough them under balista cover. I even put in another fort of javelin.

I managed to delay them enough to get the extra troops up to half strength and my other troops to get home (fairly decimated). The peltasts defended by the balistas and the heavy infantry saved the day, while I lost the rest of my horse chasing Gauls.

I upped the defences some more and never needed more than that and the 3 legions posted locally.

I bumped into an unexpected Gladiator revolt, which ended in a trashed colleseum and a lost granary. Fairly low casualties, IMO.

Meanwhile I circled the fields in the center of the map. Exterminated the wolves there and build several more blocks including a double one with the Arch in the middle.

More requests for vegetables came and were met as I covered nearly every square of farm land. and increased the number of blocks to 10 or so. I never had a second invasion from the SE, so the legion there was a bit wasted. However, they and the horse and two units of peltasts were enough to claim victory in the Second Battle of Tarraco. Some more invasions and an local uprising or two were met and annihilated. I played around with adding some more walls around the city, to keep the wolfpacks out.

Final statistics (30 years).

  • Culture – 85
  • Prosperity – 55 (most housing to Insulae)
  • Peace – 100
  • Favour – 87
  • Pop. – 10,002
  • Denari – 70,000

I had a quick peek at Damascus and have a few ideas.

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