Jayhawk’s Lugdunum Walkthrough

Lugdunum Surprise

On my way through the peaceful career I’ve arrived in Lugdunum. As some would have it the trial by fire on the peaceful career.

First look at the map reveals a large native settlement, two wolfpacks and a convolute map that is asking for distribution problems.

I started by ‘ducting in the wolfpacks and re-route the native roadsystem. With two missions this resulted in some quickly pacified natives.

Next were nine grain farms on the island and a 9×9 block close by (I think an 8×8 woul dhave been better as there isn’t much space on that island)

A second block, 8×8 was added on the other large island together with two granaries set to get wheat. The starting money was tight so I used the bail-out to start weapons industry.

This kept me running in and out of debt as trade picked up and Masilla came online for the marble trade. At the same time I opened a bridge to the native territory and started moving arms there.

At Caesar’s request for pork I replaced one wheat farm for a pig farm. To get my population to increase I start pottery on the entrance point and on a small workspace on the native land. A few weaponshops are added to keep the natives supplied.

I miss Caesar’s request by a day…and another request follows.

In the mean time I move reservoirs closer to the highlands and start a small farming colony there. At the same time I’ve started import of fruit for the colony bit closest to the entrance and importing wood for the furniture shops I’ve put down there. Cartpushers are shuttling up and down the map.

I put a fort on the middle island and quickly exterminate the wolves. After this the forts is destroyed as quickly. The farming communities are extended further up the plateau. Housing levels are up to oil level and I start importing oil. While at the same time I add two more blocks to the Western map are.

Caesar starts asking for marble, requests that are easily answered as my export is slightly over producing. More cart pushers shutlle wares around and housing gets more and more to (large) insulae level, including the 3 villages on the highland.

The rest of the time wating for my population to come in is spent adding various culture buildings includign the odd colloseum.

Final results (16 years)

  • Culture – 74
  • Prosperity – 55
  • Peace – 74
  • Favour – 51
  • Population – 5000 (exactly)
  • Denarii – 32,155

So now it’s on to Tarsus

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