Londinium Walkthrough

by Cherub Marty Party

Career level: Proconsul (salary 80 Dn)

Starting City Funds: 5000 Dn

Highest housing level: Luxury Palace


This is the 8th and penultimate peaceful mission. It continues the trend from Caesarea, of winding up the targets while winding down the amount of money you get to do it with. You must do a lot of things right to prove yourself worthy of the final challenge.



Trade Partners

Lutetia (sea route)

  • sells 15 wine [per year]
  • sells 15 oil
  • buys 15 wheat

Augusta Trevorum (sea route)

  • sells 15 meat
  • sells 15 wine
  • buys 25 vegetables

Calleva (land route)

  • sells 25 marble
  • buys 40 weapons

Lindum (land route)

  • sells 25 iron
  • sells 15 weapons
  • buys 40 timber
  • buys 40 pottery

Important Events

Jan 50 ADThe level begins
Jan 53 ADEmperor requests 10 pottery
Apr 54 ADCeltic invasion from northeast (8 warriors + 2 chariots)
May 55 ADEmperor requests 10 pottery
Oct 56 ADCeltic invasion from northeast (13 warriors + 3 chariots)
Jun 57 ADEmperor requests 10 pottery
Oct 58 ADCeltic invasion from northeast (26 warriors + 6 chariots)
Apr 59 ADEmperor requests 10 furniture
May 59 ADPottery price decreased by 10 Dn
Apr 62 ADEmperor requests 10 furniture
Oct 63 ADCeltic invasion from the northeast (39 warriors + 9 chariots)
Oct 63 ADLutetia now sells 25 oil per year


Occasional water contamination reduces overall city health.

Clay pits become flooded occasionally.

Hints & Tips

As with Caesarea, be patient and build the city slowly, and the low export income won’t translate into major problems.

There are 4 packs of wolves in Londinium. Surround them with aqueducts in the beginning, and deal with them later with a javelin unit.

This being a northern province, you have no fire risks to worry about, so keep the people in good mood, then you won’t need to build prefectures.

The enemy’s homeland is nearby, therefore you will have less warning time than usual. The Celtic invasion forces are very strong, so have your troops ready, and be prepared to take some losses. The final invasion (for me, October 63 AD) occurs roughly 30 tiles further north than the normal invasion point. It is a large force, so watch out.

Other than that, there is really not much that’s new in Londinium. You simply must put into action everything you have learned, and do them all to near perfection, all at once. Good luck governor!