Lindum Walkthrough

by Angel Reckless Rodent

Caesar – Lindum

You made it this far, don’t give up now! You’re just 1 step away from becoming a God. You’re up against the Celts now, but don’t get complacent just because they’re led by a woman – she’s history’s first feminist and the greatest example of “Girl Power” ever!


Population 6000, Culture 60, Prosperity 50, Peace 55, Favour 85

Caesar Requests

  • 103AD – 15 Vegetables in 36 Months
  • 106AD – 15 Furniture in 36 Months
  • 110AD – 40 Vegetables in 48 Months
  • 115AD – 30 Furniture in 48 Months
  • 120AD – 40 Vegetables in 48 Months


  • 103AD – 16 Natives from WNW
  • 105AD – c.30 Celts and 10 Chariots from NW
  • 107AD – c.30 Celts and 10 Chariots from NW
  • 109AD – c.50 Celts and 15 Chariots from NW
  • 112AD – lots of Celts from NW
  • 115AD – lots of Celts from NW
  • 118AD – Celts and Natives from NNW
  • 121AD – c.50 Celts and 15 Chariots from NW
  • 124AD – Celts

Initial Funds


First Loan


Price Changes

  • 107AD – Wheat up 11dn
  • 114AD – Furniture down 15dn





This is actually one of the easier levels, since the enemy always comes from the same area. However, they need to be dealt with quickly, as they are pretty fast and more deadly than most of the other enemies you’ll face (or so it seemed to me when I played this level). Also, you get less warning here than on the other levels – only 2 years instead of the normal 3.

There are more wolves here, so do exactly as before to stop your immigrants being nibbled as soon as they arrive on the map.

Iron mines cave in again, so follow the same instructions as before. There are also rats here (must be the climate), so you need to be sure that you build doctors and/or hospitals everywhere to keep pestilence away – it seems to be more prevalent here than in other scenarios.

The gods seem to be more picky here than before too – build plenty of temples and oracles or you’ll find yourself on the end of some pretty unpleasant divine retribution.

Pottery is a good export in the early stages here – it should, along with the other exportable goods, be overproduced in order to max out your trading potential. It is also probably worth donating all of your personal saving to the city treasury at the start to get yourself up and running, especially militarily, since you don’t get any sort of bonus for having loads of personal savings at the end of the game.

Try to get 1 villa district to get the prosperity up – then, with most of your other housing at Large or Grand Insulae, you should have no problems there. Put your salary to 0dn per month, so that the high favour target may be reached more easily – as I said before, you don’t get to take your personal savings with you at the end of the game, so you don’t need them.

Well, I think that’s about it for the military walkthroughs – I hope you found them useful.