Jayhawk’s Lindum Walkthrough

This evening I made a start on Lindum, in the Scottish Highlands. The map is a bit strange, large with a sea arm, a lake and a few stratches of rock. The RtR comes in and, leaves from the bottom of the map. There’s also plenty of wolves, half a dozen packs or so…

I started fixin’ the wolves with duct(-tape ) I missed a few, but that wasn’t too bad. Next I put a block between the two lakes and started arms manufacture. I added a second block below this and a stretch of housing towards the lake so I could export those precious weapons. Too bad you can only export 15 units.

Next was a serious effort in producing pottery and a trade route to Londinium. In the mean time I was running in and out of debt and my favour plummeted.

The invasion warnings are short, the distant battle one seems to be forgotten, probably to simulate the nearness of the border. When I received my first warning I planted a fort of HI and peltasts next to the central rock.

I then got a nasty surprise with a native up rising. Two hastily deployed towers next to my barracks and my half backed legions saved the day. I added another fort of javelin further east.

The first wave of invaders, half a dozen chariots and 2 legions of celtic warriors came streaming in. I threw up some aquaduct fencing, but the chariots seem both fast and strong, so after a volley or two, my javeling-boys were running for the safety of the wall and the boys in armour.

This joint venture met the screaming, lime pasted, mob and annihilated them.

I expanded the Northern block and started furniture exports, while Caesar asked for veggies and chairs. A block closer to the entrance was next, with more pottery and furniture manufacturers. A second heavy infantry fortress was added to the eastern javelin one.

The next invasion was some 50% bigger and was in dire need of the extra heavy infantry. I was also glad I added a few more towers. Importing olives was next and housing levels are rising steadily. I managed to get som 4500 people so far but have trouble getting them all to work, I may actually add a little villa area to take up the workers.

A third fort was added in the west where all attacks had come from so far.

The the third invasion hit me, even bigger than the last, and well nigh destroyed half of my troops.

The fourth is on the horizon and I need to rethink my tactics…

I’ve started another block close to the entry point and survived a major invasion. I need about another 1000 people and the peace score to roll in….

I build yet another block, close to the entrance, which turned out to be overkill. Upped some more buildings, increased export of furniture and sat my way through 3 more invasions, one coinciding with a native uprising.

Peace kicked in and my Favour was still at 69. As I was abut to try bribing him (I had 100,000 as personal cash) he asked for 40 vegetables. Took me a month and a half to comply and my favour rocketed.

Final scores (20 years)

  • Culture – 100
  • Prosperity – 58 (capped)
  • Peace – 86
  • Favour – 88
  • Population – 6601
  • Denarii – 20911

Well…I’m Empreror.

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