Jayhawk’s Damascus Walkthrough

Death in Damscus

Well as promised, I started on Damascus. Tonight as a matter of fact.

First of all there’s a nasty bit of work here, in that it’s impossible to get limestone, this means you can’t build any large temples or oracles. Ths results in lots of little 2×2 temples, taking up lots of space as compared to the 7×7 desert blocks. You also have to import clay.

I started out in the lake area in the West of the map, ignoring the natives for the time being. (I will probably start planting missions there soon, though as export is limited to a bit of wine and furniture and local trade would bring extra money.) Two blocks filled up quickly and were followed by a third and a fourth. Export was started as was some small arms industry.

Looking at the map, I decided to put a javelin fort in the middle and a heavy infantry at the NW gap in the rocks. Naturally the first invasion, some Egyptians wih a few poxy camels came from the NE. My troops rushed over and were just in time to see Mars have fun at the Egyptians expense.

The second invasion, from the SE, was partially destroyed by Mars and saw my javelins take action. The legionairs showed up after a looong walk and I added some more peltasts near the map entry point.

Camels don’t do well with javelins sticking out of them and the tortoise formation put up their shields, lovely to behold.

I was just in time to meet Caesars request for weapons, which expired between the two invasions.

I just started a fifth block near the entrance to start up my pottery industry. I expect to have to do some pottery import as well.

The next Distant battle just sounded.

Okay, so I spent half an hour in Damsucus (watching my spelling) and started another housing block, NW of the large lake. Olive oil trade got started and the pottery seems to be going somewhere… I placed a legion close to the SE invasion point.

I oblitereted a local uprising and a third invasion. where 3 legions of Egyptian swordsmen and 8 or so camels just ground to a halt on my heavy infantry while the peltasts were pounding them with javelins.

That sad red square in the West is a legion of heavy infantry, Legio I. Whenever an attack came they were just too late for mop-up duty. I was scared of an attack on that flank though as it was the only opening in the West.

The big red blob in the East is another heavy infantry one. These guys, Legio IV, met the brunt of all attacks.

Tucked in the center and near the South are the somewhat reduced elements of my Legios II and III, peltasts. These guys were always quick enough to draw the enemy towards Legio IV.

I dislike large walls, but there are some 4-6 towers just South of the center of the map.

Onwards to Sarmitzegetusa.

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