Carthago Walkthrough

by Angel Reckless Rodent

Procurator – Carthago

This is the first of the military scenarios which takes place in the desert. As such, you need to be extra-careful about placing lots of prefectures – otherwise, your city will be consumed in fire before you can do anything about it.


Population 6000, Culture 45, Prosperity 30, Peace 40, Favour 30

Caesar Requests

  • 167BC – 10 Oil in 24 Months
  • 165BC – 10 Wine in 24 Months
  • 162BC – 10 Oil in 24 Months
  • 160BC – 10 Wine in 24 Months
  • 157BC – 15 Oil in 24 Months
  • 154BC – 15 Wine in 24 Months


  • 166BC – c.24 Carthaginians and 2 Elephants from SE
  • 163BC – c.45 Carthaginians and 5 Elephants from SE
  • 161BC – Carthaginians & Elephants from NW (where city was at start of level)
  • 159BC – 16 Natives from SSE
  • 156BC – Lots of Carthaginians and 7 Elephants from SE
  • 154BC – 16 Natives from ESE
  • 154BC – Carthaginians and Elephants from WNW
  • 152BC – Natives from NW
  • 152BC – c.45 Carthaginians and 5 Elephants from SSE
  • 149BC – Carthaginians

Initial Funds


First Loan


Price Changes

153BC – Weapons up 50dn





Your predecessor here neglected to appease the natives when he built the town you encounter at the start, so you need to slow the game right down to 10% and build mission posts throughout the existing settlement. Since the native revolt is already under way, you have to sit back and hope for the best (i.e. that not too much of the place will be smashed before your missions get to work). However, once you have the missions up and running, it will not be too long before life returns to normal and you need to worry about the gods (especially Mars, who was neglected by your predecessor and can stoke up a native rebellion within a year of you taking over – he did to me).

Once the gods are pacified, you can turn to the city. There is farmland under the large housing estate in the middle of the old town, so bulldoze that and build some farms. You need to get some oil, wine and weapons workshops going early so that trade and defence can begin. You are already trading with Thamugadi when you take over, so you can start trading oil and wine from early on. To get enough food without going near the natives in the SE, you will need to make full use of the opportunities for fishing – see my city for how to do this. However, don’t forget about the SE natives – place a mission post next to the chief’s hut so that they will trade with you. Build as many marble quarries as possible – it’s a great cash crop (can be traded with Caesarea and the natives), and it’s that which makes Carthago such a profitable city.

Be careful where you build, however, since the attacks can arrive in areas which were used by the old city, and which you might also have populated. In the above table, where no numbers are given, just a direction, that means that they arrived in the middle of my city (see my saved game). Therefore, keep away from all the map edges.

That’s all I’ll say about Carthago – time to move on to Tingis.