Jayhawk’s Carthago Walkthrough

Carthago delenda est

Just out of a willingness to share, I’ll post some observations as I’m playing Carthago.

I restarted about 6 times, just trying to find out what happened with the native madness.

After some thinking I ended up by putting three missions inside the native territory (end of attacks) and added a temple for Mars (negated possible uprise).

I build a block of housing near the rocks in the east to start marble export. Built a second one near the old aquaduct and a third between.

I’m more or less ignoring the old settlement. Will clean it up later. I’ve survived the first two carthagenian attack (1 legion/2 elephants and 2 legions/4 elephants) with 2 academy trainded javelin units.

All requests have been met. I’m exporting and Caesar’s happy. Money enough, but now need to start reorganising the original city. Fire has wasted most of this…

So I started to delete most of the stuff in the old town. However, I wanted to empty the warehouses first. I added another block just north of the old town and started cleaning up and optimising my mission posts (I had about 5 in the old town, now have 3). A fifth block is grown East of the old town.

Then out of the blue I get “Elephant Alert” I had been so busy cleaning, I forgot to watch my messages. Now this third invasions hits me from the direction of the old town. I still have only two javelinunits, both more than half a map away…

The first unit arrives and starts to draw enemy attention, but the elephants are already waltzing through my farms. The second one shows up and I manage to draw them south, though not before they’ve trashed half a block and more. I actually have to draw them through most of the news stuff. The Carthagenians chase my peltasts around the map and finally give up and flee.

In the mean time, I have two upset gods, ruined export trade and just a couple hundred Denari left. Trashed missions leave me with a bunch o angry natives, that I need to chase over most of the map.

Rebuilding continues slowly, trying to appease the gods I get a riot, ’cause I’m too late to please Venus. As my prefect fight the rioteers more of my city goes up in flames. My clay imports fizzle,

Adding insult to injury I get a local uprising. The latter is quickly squashed, but with more losses than I suffered from the Carthagenian soldiers.

Trade picks up and and I get things stabelised again. My current plan is to see if I can stick 6000 people in pre-furniture level.

A third unit of peltasts is ready just in time for the fourth invasion 4-5 legions and 7! elephants. I’ve added a few towers on the old town side, but these show up fron the East. I have them chase me around the map, while I loose some units trying to get used to a 3 layer overwatch defense.

Last I saw was seven elephants and 1 legion, 10k in the bank. This was just before my girlfriend wanted to play a bit of SIMs, so…to be continued.

The last couple of years were a bit boring. I restructured the old town into a farming villege. Decided to import wood for furniture and added another block, meant for luxury housing near the lake. They get their own food supply, vines and olive plantations, whatever.

I added another block to get closer to the population request and realised I needed barber access for the furniture to be useful. So I added a barber or two. Bad move.. as I now also got villas in my worker districts. The villa block in the south kept fluctuating, mainly due to lack of pottery.

I fought a few more battles, with hardly any losses. Lost half a legion again in a tribal uprising. Then on their way to the fortresses they had to counter another Carthagenian invasion. By now I could defeat 4 legions and half a dozen elephants in one run along the south side of the map

Another block was added, and I still needed more people. I removed the barbers from the northern barrios and added another block. While I was busy here I got another visit from the Carthagenians, so my peltasts trotted into action again. Things were going well, last enemy legion routed and 5 elephants left, when horror….another local uprising. I sent one legion to block their advance. Shortly after that added a second and had the third lead the elephants within tower range.

Meanwhile the two legions of angry locals were chopping my peltasts to pices. I opened the third trade route and started to import (very) expensive weapons for a legion of heavy infantry.

One group of peltasts routed. The second one was about to break and I still had 8+ locals. Then my Snake legion routed the last two elephants and attacked the locals from behind, just before my Prima Legio routed too.

While waiting for more populace, I upped my salaries to 37. The next local uprising ran straight into my heavy infantry and got chopped apart while two legions of peltasts skewered them.

These last few years were without Carthagenian attacks.

One problem I found with the peltasts is that once part of them are comitted to melee, the rest just waits… bad choice.

Final scores

  • Culture – 100
  • Prosperity – 62
  • Peace – 71
  • Favour – 66
  • Population – 6002
  • City Treasury – 62,205 Denarii (a handsome bundle I’d say)

Now Tingis awaits.

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