Capua Walkthrough

by Cherub Marty Party

Career level: Engineer (salary 5 Dn)

Starting City Funds: 8000 Dn

Highest Housing Level: Grand Villa


This is the 1st peaceful mission. After the two training levels, the shackles are removed and you are given plenty of freedom to build what you want, right from the start. This level is quite forgiving, so go ahead and experiment, you can even afford to make a few mistakes. Don’t run out of money, and everything will work out in the end.



Trade Partners

Syracusae (sea route)

  • sells 15 meat [per year]
  • sells 15 marble
  • buys 15 olives
  • buys 25 oil
  • buys 15 furniture

Tarentum (land route)

  • sells 15 furniture
  • sells 15 wine
  • buys 25 pottery

Important Events

Jan 350 BCThe level begins
Jul 348 BCEmperor requests 10 oil
Apr 345 BCEmperor requests 15 oil

Note: there are no barbarian invasions



Hints & Tips

Keep in mind the population requirement, keep an eye on unemployment and city funds, and learn to take a look at the Fire and Damage risks overlays from time to time. Apart from that, experiment, experiment, experiment. Don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes. The training levels were for learning the basics, and now this level and the next one are for mastering them.

A checklist of lessons:

  1. Producing manufactured goods (pottery, furniture, oil)
  2. Exporting manufactured goods
  3. Importing (marble)
  4. Keeping an eye on city funds
  5. Using the Fire risk overlay
  6. Using the Damage risk overlay
  7. Using the Water overlay
  8. How to evolve your houses (start by right-clicking on them)
  9. Managing unemployment