Jayhawk’s Capua Walkthrough

Well, as promised I started on the peaceful career in the wet, wet land of the Real Life Romans.

I’ll skip the tutorial, which I did with a simple line block on the RtR and Brindisium, where a single 9×9 sufficed.

So here’s Capua (might be useful for hello)

I started by building a 9×9 block near the SW farm area, added 6 farms some temples and enough assorted structures to get the housin gup to pre-pottery level.

A second block was added halfway between the river and the SE farm area. It had access to another half dozen farms and 4 olive farms with associated olive oil shops. I opened the trade route to Syracusae next.

Expanding the houses triggered the bailout which was another hefty 6000 Denari. Which was used to start pottery and furniture industry on both blocks. When the pottery started taking off I added baths and opened the other trade route for export.

By the timehousing got to the need furniture level I added two forums and raised taxes to 9% while paying 2 over Rome. Enough structures were added to eveolve to Large Insulae (no colloseum, though).

Then I found out the two blocks at large insulae level provided living space for some 2400 people, so I added a small group of housing (20sq) in between the two disconnected blocks as a kind of appendix for the Western block.

I could easily meet Caesar’s request for oil.

It’s now year 4 and I’ve got culture at 100, 2600 people, 10,000 Denari, propserity’s rising and I’m waiting for Peace to rise 5 more points and favour for another 6. I guess I’ll get a request soon(ish).

Onwards to Taracco

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