Caesarea Walkthrough

by Cherub Marty Party

Career level: Consul (salary 60 Dn)

Starting City Funds: 6709 Dn

Highest housing level (before opening Volubilis trade route): Grand Villa

Highest housing level (after opening Volubilis trade route): Luxury Palace


This is the 7th peaceful mission. Not only must you rebuild a city left by a fired governor, but you must also learn to deal with MUCH bigger invasions, handle many surprises, and achieve slightly better results than you did in Tarsus and Valentia, only with a much smaller budget!



Trade Partners

Tingis (land route)

  • sells 40 pottery [per year]
  • buys 25 fruit
  • buys 25 oil

Carthago Nova (sea route)

  • sells 40 wine
  • buys 15 furniture

Valentia (sea route)

  • sells 40 oil
  • sells 15 marble
  • buys 25 iron

Volubilis (land route)

  • sells 15 wine
  • sells 15 furniture
  • sells 40 pottery
  • buys 25 weapons

Important Events

Dec 10 BCThe level begins
Jan 9 BCLocal uprising – 9 Numidian warriors from southwest
May 8 BCEmperor requests 10 oil
Aug 7 BCNumidian invasion from northeast (4 warriors + 6 javelin throwers)
May 6 BCEmperor requests 10 oil
Aug 6 BCNumidian invasion from south-south-west (4 warriors + 6 javelin throwers)
May 5 BCValentia now buys 40 iron per year
May 4 BCEmperor requests 30 oil
Aug 3 BCWine price increased by 35 Dn
Sep 2 BCNumidian invasion from northeast (10 warriors + 14 javelin throwers)
Apr 1 BCPottery price increased by 40 Dn
Jun 1 BCNumidian invasion from south-south-west (7 warriors + 9 javelin throwers)
Jun 2 ADEmperor requests 30 oil
Oct 2 ADNumidian invasion from south-south-west (10 warriors + 14 javelin throwers)
Jan 2 ADNew trade route to Volubilis is available
Mar 3 ADWeapons price decreased by 55 Dn
Aug 3 ADEmperor requests army to save distant city (Leptis Magna)
Oct 3 ADValentia now sells 25 marble
May 5 ADVolubilis now buys 15 weapons per year (down from 25)


Occasional sand storms stop land traders from reaching your city.

Iron mines occasionally collapse.

Hints & Tips

Several interesting challenges await you on this level. Here are some tips on dealing with them:

  • Starting out… Pause the game to look around. You start out with a city that will soon burn to the ground if you do nothing about it. Some houses are already on fire. Delete the buildings next to them, to give yourself a fire barrier (so the fire can’t spread). Turn on the fire risk overlay, and delete the houses that are going to catch fire at any moment. If you don’t want to get rid of the houses entirely, undo the deletes. This kicks the residents out, but leaves the house intact. The fire risk is neutralised until someone else moves into the house. Now look around the road network, and build half a dozen or so prefects at strategic locations. Tell your labor advisor to set prefects as the no. 2 priority. Religion should always be no. 1 of course. Build a temple to Mars, and two to Neptune. Delete all facilities that are not needed, such as entertainment and education, markets, granary, fruit farms, and forum. There’s a group of zebras in the southeast edge. This is where you will be attacked from VERY SHORTLY. You have insufficient time to build up soldiers or towers right there to repel them, so just build some walls to slow them down (at least 4 to 5 layers thick), and give your barracks enough time to train some tower guards for your city walls. These barbarians will make a beeline for your city. Note the direction of their attack, and bulk up the walls in that direction with towers. Remove towers from other parts, but fill the left over gaps with walls.
  • After the towers take care of the barbarians, spend the next few years building your city away from the starting position, but build slowly. Your export earnings on this level are far below Tarsus and Valentia, so exercise some patience.
  • Reserve the space between the coast and the central farmland, for your palace block. Build your plebian houses around the other couple of oasis.
  • When the invasions come, you will have a real fight on your hands. Towers alone are no longer sufficient to defeat the invaders. Prepare your troops for battle.
  • When Caesar requests an army, send at least 4 of your 6 legions, and you will win a Triumphal Arch.