First level and Brundisium Walkthrough

by Angel Reckless Rodent

Citizen – “A Village is Born”

This is a nice gentle introduction to how Caesar3 works, and gives you the basics of city design (like how to build houses, prefectures and the like)


Population 150

Immediate Goal

Build Houses

You can save time here by building your houses near the red post towards the east of the map – that’s where the people who want to settle in your village will arrive. When you get the chance, build the prefecture in order to put the fires out, and an engineers post as well. When you get the chance, build the senate too (if sufficient funds are available), as this will provide jobs and entice more people to move to your village. In no time at all, you should get a message telling you that you’ve been promoted to Clerk.

Clerk – Brundisium

Another little introduction to the game here. This time, though, you have to learn how to build farms and upgrade your housing to a slightly better level.


Population 650

Immediate Goal

Build a granary and produce wheat

Build houses near the farmland, several farms and a granary. Build temples to all the gods as well, and also some prefectures and engineers posts. Add a couple of markets and sit back, waiting for everyone to arrive. As soon as reservoirs and fountains become available, upgrade the wells to fountains – this will allow houses to evolve better. When they become available, add schools, theatres, gardens and baths in that order. Then, set up some clay pits and pottery workshops. That, with some more housing, should see you progress to Engineer.