Welcome to the Caesar III campaign walkthroughs page. Here you will find information on each of the career levels in Caesar III. We will take you through some of the tricks of the trade, as will as informing you of the Caesar requests, invasions by enemies of Rome, and many other things besides. They are not designed to be of the “let me hold your hand through this level” breed – they just give a couple of general hints to make the level that wee little bit easier.

So, are you ready for action? Read on…

1. Citizen

2. Clerk: Brundisium

3. Engineer

Capua (economic)

Tarentum (military)

4. Architect

Tarraco (economic)

Syracusae (military)

5. Quaestor

Miletus (economic)

Mediolanum (military)

6. Procurator

Lugdunum (economic)

Carthago (military)

7. Aedile

Tarsus (economic)

Tingis (military)

8. Praetor

Valentia (economic)

Lutetia (military)

9. Consul

Caesarea (economic)

Damascus (military)

10. Proconsul

Londinium (economic)

Sarmizegetusa (military)

11. Caesar

Massilia (economic)

Lindum (military)


General overview of the demo plus some strategies