There Goes the Neighbourhood

by Ozan Efe Ertem

It was a nice map. An oasis in the middle and surrounded by rocks on practically every side leaving only five points for invasions. A simple northern wasteland. The first professional looking map I got from my friend in a long while. As I neared the last year of my survival time I had not been attacked for 3 years. I have been counting the times I was attacked as you can not be attacked more than 20 times. Right. It was the 20th time. I started to prepare myself for the last blow. I covered three of the five possible places with 10 balistas each. I had never been attacked from the other two unprotected ones anyway. When I was finished I had what I though to be a pretty strong defense of balistas with two walls in front of each one, four divisions of academy trained legionnaires and two divisions of educated javelins. How could I now the terrible end that waited for me?

The first message came up in me telling of a local riot. Luckily it was from a place that I had protected and it was only about 20 berserks coming. I didn’t even feel the need to dispatch a troop. And then the movie played showing those filthy guys ruled by the woman. Worst of all they were attacking from an unprotected place where my industry was in progress. By this time the local riot was settled and I had only four months left to survive. So I didn’t care at all to what happened to my industry but what if they wasted my whole city? Those guys kept pouring in rhombuses of 32 men. And there were 5 of those rhombuses. Then came my worst nightmare the chariots. 40 in total!!! By the time they had finished pouring down my troops had taken position waiting for them and feeling completely naked without the cover of the balistas. A fire broke in my city like a messenger of the bad news that was to come. As soon as the big guys started moving another riot started in another protected place but this time they were simply as many as the raindrops. I quickly added a couple more balistas to the front line and returned back to where the real fight took place…

All of them went at once bringing down a couple of the chariots. Then my javelins started to work their spears into the hearts of my enemies. Another five chariots down but my legion on the front was getting tired. Then the rhombuses hurled themselves into my walls I had built in a hurry. It was a moment of complete chaos. I was able to see the situation only when the chariots finally started retreating. My javelins were holding up pretty well. But 2 of my legionnaire divisions were nil and the other two were not doing really good. Just then I remembered to look at the place where the local riot took place. I was terrified they had simply wasted my towers and they were progressing deep into my city killing everyone. But then I remembered my secret weapon, the wolves.

When I start northern scenarios I cover the wolves in walls and kill them one by one. There were two packs that I had not bothered to kill I released them. With the help of Mars they simply gave those locals hell. But on the other side things were not going so well. The rhombuses had wasted all my legionnaires, javelins and my walls. I was halfway into my last month…

I simply prayed as the enemy thundered through my industry, caved my hippodrome in and laid waste to my city. As they approached the core of my city that had faced complete destruction on its other side. I was practically on my knees. And then it was all over. The army that was supposed to come from Rome was there and the city was saved but I felt guilt take over my mind for not fighting with the brave heroes there in the battlefield.