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Massilia Walkthrough

Career level: Caesar (salary 100 Dn)

Starting City Funds: 6000 Dn

Highest housing level: Luxury Palace


This is the 9th and final peaceful mission. Money is again difficult to come by, and even worse, food and raw materials are difficult to come by as well! Yet you must build a great and prosperous city in spite of all obstacles, to prove yourself worthy of the highest honor.


Population 8000
Culture 85
Prosperity 85
Peace 80
Favor 70

Trade Partners

Tarraco (sea route)
sells 15 marble [per year]
buys 25 oil
Valentia (sea route)
sells 25 wheat
sells 25 weapons
buys 40 fruit
buys 15 fish
Lugdunum (land route)
sells 25 wine
sells 15 clay
buys 25 fish
buys 25 furniture
Mediolanum (land route)
sells 25 olives
sells 25 clay
buys 25 pottery

Important Events

Jan 100 AD The level begins
Oct 103 AD Local uprising from northwest (9 Gaulish warriors)
Oct 103 AD Emperor requests 10 timber
Mar 105 AD Emperor requests 20 timber
Oct 105 AD Gaulish invasion from northwest (24 warriors)
Sep 106 AD Lugdunum now buys 40 furniture per year
Oct 107 AD Emperor requests 20 timber
Mar 108 AD Local uprising from north-north-east (32 Gaulish warriors)
May 108 AD Olives price increased by 12 Dn
Jun 108 AD Emperor requests army to defend distant city (Lutetia)
Mar 109 AD Emperor requests 10 vines
May 110 AD Tarraco now sells 25 marble per year
Oct 111 AD Gaulish invasion from northwest (48 warriors)
May 112 AD Emperor requests 15 wine
Aug 114 AD Emperor requests 20 timber
Mar 115 AD Local uprising from north-north-east (40 Gaulish warriors)
May 115 AD Furniture price decreased by 20 Dn
Apr 116 AD Emperor requests 15 wine
May 116 AD Emperor requests army to defend distant city (Lutetia)


Occasional stormy seas will stop sea traders from reaching your city.

Hints & Tips

The main problem with this level is the shortage of farmland. There is only enough room for 12 farms on the smaller island, and 16 farms on the larger island. You can also import some wheat, but not much. Beyond that, you will have to rely on fishing to keep your people from starving. Understand however that fish is less preferred than fruit, so build some plebian housing blocks that have access only to fish, and supply less fish to your palace blocks, since their markets will always favor wheat and fruit anyway.

Unlike what I did, you should build your housing blocks in an east-to-west configuration, with the markets on the western side, so that they're close to the wharves and farms. Build the palaces / villas near the large farming island in the south, and build the plebian houses in the north.

Send at least 4 out of your 6 legions when the Emperor requests an army, if you want the Triumphal Arch.

Since the prosperity target is quite high, you will need to have many palaces and/or villas, which means you will only have a small percentage of your population available to your workforce. This will most likely stretch you to the limit. You will have to use every trick you know how, to overcome the worker shortage.

Here are some tips on dealing with money and workers:

  • Donate all of your personal savings to the city, and don't pay yourself a salary. You can't take it with you after this level!
  • When your palaces start paying enough taxes, stop exporting and demolish any workshops and timber yards beyond the bare necessities.
  • Don't import weapons. Even though the invasion forces are very strong, Cavalry and Javelin throwers are sufficient to hold them off. You will take losses, but they can be replaced for free.
  • Build only enough temples to provide religion coverage for the people. After that, build oracles only.
  • Don't build extra entertainment and education until people are demanding it. Build more later when you are trying to meet the culture rating.
  • Switch production off when the warehouses are full of a particular item. Don't let the workshops sit idly by and tie up valuable workers.
  • Build several vine farms and many wine workshops at the start, and stock up large amounts of wine. For the warehouses accepting wine, try to fill them to capacity. Once that's done, you can replace the vine farms with wheat or fruit farms, and set the trade advisor to import wine. By the time that traders start restocking your warehouses with wine, you should have many villas or palaces up and running, to help pay for the imports. You must leave one wine workshop in existence to make your residents think that they have 2 types of wine, but it's okay to turn the wine industry off.