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Miletus Walkthrough

Career level: Quaestor (salary 12 Dn)

Starting City Funds: 7000 Dn

Highest housing level: Grand Villa


This is the 3rd peaceful mission. Finally, city defenses will factor into the equation. Being the first desert level, it also brings a new set of problems into your city building strategies.


Population 5000
Culture 60
Prosperity 35
Peace 40
Favor 40

Trade Partners

Corinthus (sea route)
sells 15 clay [per year]
sells 15 pottery
buys 15 weapons
buys 25 fruit
Athenae (sea route)
sells 25 wheat
sells 15 wine
sells 15 marble
buys 15 fish
buys 15 oil

Important Events

Jan 220 BC The level begins
Oct 217 BC Greek invasion from the southwest
Oct 217 BC Emperor requests 10 weapons
Mar 215 BC Emperor requests 10 furniture
May 215 BC Oil price increased by 20 Dn
Sep 214 BC Greek invasion from the northwest
Jul 213 BC Emperor requests 10 weapons
May 211 BC Greek invasion from the southwest
Jul 210 BC Emperor requests 15 furniture
Jul 210 BC Weapons price increased by 10 Dn
Sep 210 BC Corinthus now buys 25 weapons per year
Jun 208 BC Greek invasion from the northwest
Jul 207 BC Emperor requests 10 weapons
Jul 205 BC Corinthus ow sells 25 clay per year
Oct 204 BC Emperor requests 15 furniture
Aug 203 BC Greek invasion from the southwest
May 200 BC Wine price increased by 35 Dn
Jun 200 BC Emperor requests 10 weapons
Jul 200 BC Marble price increased by 40 Dn
Aug 198 BC Greek invasion from the northwest
Oct 195 BC Emperor requests 10 weapons
Apr 193 BC Greek invasion from the northwest
Oct 190 BC Emperor requests 15 furniture
Oct 188 BC Greek invasion from the southwest


Occasionally your city's water supply will be contaminated, reducing the city's overall health level.

Hints & Tips

This level introduces you to some of the more advanced problems in the game, and provides new challenges for you as a governor.

Here are some tips on how to deal with the new challenges:

  • Fires - desert cities have a greatly increased fire risk, so you should build more prefects than usual, and spend even more time checking the fire risk overlay.
  • Water - fountains in the desert only service a range of 3 tiles, instead of 4 (for central and northern cities). Therefore, if you've fashioned your earlier cities using 9x9 city blocks, you should change to 7x7 blocks, for the desert.
  • Population - this level calls for double the population of the previous levels. As a result you will need to build more of everything, and that makes it more difficult to keep an eye on every little detail. Therefore, make sure you build all parts of your city such that they can look after themselves for extended periods of time. If they can't look after themselves, you will be permanently fighting fire all over the city!
  • Invasions - Greek soldiers will invade you from two points of the map. If you preempt the invasion points and surround them with walls and towers, you will never need to build any forts. However, you are free to make city defense more "interesting" by building walls and towers around the city if you wish, plus a few forts. The invading force is always the same approximate size (between half dozen to a dozen troops).
  • Choices - Miletus has plenty of open spaces, and the choice between coastline (fishing) or farmland (fruit) as your population center, is not a very straightforward one. I'd recommend building around the larger farmland, because your farms, docks and houses must all be together, for the purposes of exporting oil and importing clay. The farmland can support 18 farms, and you should use 2 or 3 of those for olive farms.
  • Fishing - build a ship bridge from the coast (near the farms) to the first large island. Use this island to build more wharves. That should give you enough fish (along with the 15 fruit farms) to feed all of your people.
  • Exports - you have enough problems producing food for your people without trying to export it as well, so just stick to exporting oil and weapons.
  • Imports - the only thing you'll want to import is clay. Don't import the others unless you have too much money.
  • Prosperity - although the prosperity target is not overly high, you still won't meet it just by accident while concentrating on building tents! Right click on the houses and give them the goods and services to allow them to evolve to a level between small insulae and grand insulae.