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Tarraco Walkthrough

Career level: Architect (salary 8 Dn)

Starting City Funds: 8000 Dn

Highest Housing Level: Medium Insulae


This is the 2nd peaceful mission. Build upon your strategies from Capua, expect the unexpected, and kiss up to Caesar every chance you get.


Population 2500
Culture 45
Prosperity 25
Peace 30
Favor 70

Trade Partners

Capua (sea route)
sells 25 timber [per year]
buys 40 wheat
buys 25 fruit
Tarentum (land route)
sells 15 furniture
buys 25 marble
buys 15 pottery

Important Events

Jan 270 BC The level begins
Apr 269 BC Emperor requests 10 pottery
Sep 267 BC Emperor requests 10 fruit
Mar 265 BC Emperor requests 15 pottery
Aug 265 BC Fruit price increased by 20 Dn
May 263 BC Emperor requests 25 fruit
Jul 262 BC Marble price increased by 20 Dn
Sep 262 BC Emperor requests 15 pottery
Mar 259 BC Emperor requests 20 fruit
May 257 BC Emperor requests 15 pottery
May 255 BC Furniture price incrased by 20 Dn
Jun 255 BC Emperor requests 15 fruit
Mar 250 BC Fruit price decreased by 15 Dn
Sep 250 BC Emperor requests 15 fruit
Sep 245 BC Emperor requests 15 fruit

Note1: there are no more Emperor requests after 245BC

Note2: there are no barbarian invasions


An earthquake hits in June 268 BC, destroying a large part of the main farmland. It will split the farmland into three sections. You can still build a bridge to the (now) smaller farmland sections to keep using them, although you cannot bridge the canyons left behind by the earthquake.

Hints & Tips

If you're not sure whether you've mastered the basics on Capua, then experiment some more on this level.

Apart from the earthquake, the only problem you might have is the high favor rating requirement. There aren't many opportunities to build up the favor rating, but you don't need to give any gifts to Caesar to pass the level, if you don't hang around for TOO long.

To put food items (eg. Fruit) into a warehouse, tell the trade advisor to stockpile that item. You can only send fruit to the emperor if it's in a warehouse, not granary.

If you have any real problems with the favor rating, send gifts to Caesar, with 12 months between gifts.