“Teck” Block

This is what I call the “Teck Block”. In one sense it is just a modified straight line block, but really it is much more than that. It looks simple and looks “large”, but in reality it’s even more efficient than the concentric block, it’s just the right size, and it’s easier than most to build large-insulae-only housing. The use of theater and lions (or gladiators) to provide all the needed entertainment is a brilliant way to skimp on actor colonies. The disposition of the block allows it to be “bent” to fit unusual contours if necessary, which is a real plus in tight maps like Lugdunum for example. If there is one change I’d make, it would be to swap places between the school and the temple, to make the front of the block more desirable.


  • Put a granary and warehouse as near as possible on the other side of the gate house, to make up for having only one market servicing the entire block.

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