Having heard about and then seen the shortage of open spaces in Lugdunum, I figured I might need a few unusual-shaped blocks to meet my housing needs, so I came up with a small enough building block (a type of 9×9 block shaped like a “C”) that was flexible enough to be fitted into odd contours.


  • After considering the terrain at GREAT LENGTH, I settled on this “G” block, figuring where they would fit in the natives’ area on Lugdunum. I needed two of these plus a tiny bit more housing, to meet Lugdunum’s population requirement. I was counting on medium insulae in these, and perhaps make up the population and prosperity difference with some villas in the “little bit more” that I had to build on the side.
  • To sum up this design, basically put two 9×9 blocks side by side, and build the road inside of the block, then extent one short edge out and hook it back around such that you can place all the essential services on the hooked road. The Gatehouse there helps of course, but even without it this block could probably work to some degree by having the supplies come from the end of the hook instead of the head of it. However, you can only count on half of the walker coverage for your houses that you would’ve got if you used the gatehouse.
  • The implementation itself was actually pretty simple, once I got the design right as far as where the houses will go.

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