Housing Blocks

These pages are based on the original spreadsheet based block diagrams by MartyParty. I’ve taken on the task to convert the blocks into imaged HTML tables so our audience can view them online as well.

I’ve tried to put the various blocks and layouts in a logical order. They go from small to large and end up with some city specific designs.

I hope you enjoy them.

Angel Jayhawk

Table of Contents

Single Road City


Desert Blocks

Non-Desert Blocks 9×9

Non-Desert Blocks: Alternative Designs

Villa and Palace Blocks

City Designs


Glyphy Layout Tool


Original idea and spreadsheet diagrams  MartyParty
Glyphy Layout script Crassus Pauper
Diagrams and Stand Alone Version Jayhawk
Additional suggestions and questions Angel Reckless Rodent, Teck, ULT_WiLD