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Enemy Army Catalog

Rules for Barbarian Army Structure

Caesar 3 organizes attacking forces in groups of 16.  This gives nice blocks of 4x4 or 2x8 when attacking in open country.  If the number of attackers specified allows the type 1 barbarian to exceed 16, a sub group of stragglers is formed to make up the total.   Download the table Army Size Specification for a study of the number of barbarians of each unit type that are created for all possible specified army sizes.

Caesar 3 allows only 120 attacking solders in one invasion (multiple invasions in the same year however ).

The table Army Size Specification shows exactly how many barbarians should be specified to achieve full armies.  These look better, move better, and perform somewhat better that sub armies.

Caesar 3 only allows 3 armies of each type of solder.  If you do the math (or download the table Army Size Specification) you will see that (3 x 16) x 2 types is 96 solders.  What happens to the other 24 solders?  When your invading force gets bigger than 3 x 16 solder armies, tightly packed sub groups are added inside the larger first three army blocks (Max Pack).  These concentrated interior forces move independently, and can have horrific effects on Caesars Legions!

A 120 man invasion of Etruscans. The two types of units are clearly visible in their three, 2x8 armies. The Max Pac units are marked with red arrows.
A 120 man invasion of Etruscans