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Enemy Army Catalog

Barbarian Appearance

Several of the enemy types look identical. Often their fighting and formation behavior differs however. The classes of look-a-likes are:

Etruscan & Samnites
Type 1 shown as sword & shield, brass armor; Type 2 shown as long green cloak w/tall brass helmet.
Macedonians & Graeci
Type 1 shown as sword & teal shield, brass armor-ruffled helmet; Type 2 shown as teal square shield, same armor-helmet.
Seleucids, Iberians & Judeans
Type 1 shown as sword & green shield, steel helmet; Type 2 shown as spear and same armor-helmet
Gauls & Helvetii
Type 1 shown as blue shirt, sword and bracer; Type 2 shown as shirtless, bully boy ax men
Goths, Visigoths & Huns
Type 1 shown as bear skin, gold helmet, short spear; Type 2 shown as Cavalry with same uniform and short bow
Picts, Celts & Britons
Type 1 is a sword & shield man with green legging, brown cape; Type 1 is a sword man in a rough cart.
Cathaginians, Egyptians, Pergamum & Nubians
See individual Barbarian statistic sheets for pictures
All of these barbarian armies have unique appearances