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Enemy Army Catalog


First Type Second Type Notes
Man at Arms Spear Man
Loin Cloth and short spear Looks identical, but with long spear Unique look, but not very well dressed.
Pergamum Man at Arms Pergamum Spear Man
Resolve 5 5  
vs. Legion 3 2, 0 if legion in turtle  
vs. Javelin 5 5, 0 if legion combo  
vs. Walls 8, Cuts walls fast 2
vs. Towers One shot kill One shot kill
Structure MOB, Max Pac inside irregular group MOB, Max Pac inside irregular group Specified number of invading troops is evenly divided into the two types
Speed Back and forth, fast attack Back and forth, fast attack
Penetration 5 units 5 units
Combined Act Irregular groups, move independent Irregular groups, move independent Use these guys if you want the appearance of undisciplined hoards attacking

120 Nubians attack to the lower left.
120 Nubians attack