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Enemy Army Catalog

Notes on Research

There is no quick and easy way to analyze a subject as complex as the enemy options in Caesar 3. The game builders obviously mixed and matched appearances, formation types and unit strengths freely between different enemies. This seems to produce historically accurate barbarian armies, but makes analysis time consuming. I confess, I made some compromises.


All barbarian types were gamed with an attack of 32 in year 1 and an attack of 120 in year 2. After building the "Size" table in the tab below, several interesting specific army/barbarian sizes were tested. A single straight wall was used for all of the 120 man attacks. Two towers were employed. All attacks were told to "attack food" and a single Granary was used as a lure.


All studies were done on open, flat, terrain. Obviously, a real conflict will not happen in these ideal conditions, but you can get everyone in the team picture this way. 

Combat Evaluation

Evaluation was subjective. Ranks of 0 - 10 where 0 is no effect at all on Caesar's force and 10 is a decisive defeat. Every attempt was made to separate the different barbarian unit types when they were attacking and force them to fight full legions of Javelin and Legionaries. All of Caesars Legions were Academy trained.