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Enemy Army Catalog


First Type Second Type Notes
Man at Arms Spear Man
Sword, green shield & steel helmet Same armor-helmet Looks like Seleucides and Iberians
Judean Man at Arms Judean Spear Man
Resolve 5 5  
vs. Legion 3 2, 0 if legion in turtle  
vs. Javelin 4 5, 0 if legion combo  
vs. Walls 8, cuts walls fast 0
vs. Towers One shot kill One shot kill
Structure Wide Front, 2x8 rectangles Wide Front, 2x8 rectangles Specified number of invading troops is evenly divided into the two types
Speed Methodical, back and forth Steady walk, fast attack
Penetration Edge of board  
Combined Act Units tend to stay together, M-at-A hang back at walls Units tend to stay together, Spears lead Attack Legions in concentrated groups, effective

32 Judeans entering the board. While not fast, they do gangup on Legions.
32 Judeans entering the board