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Enemy Army Catalog


First Type Second Type Notes
Man at Arms Elephants
Sword & shield, blue plume helmets Big bull elephants with tusks and 2 riders These guys look sharp! They are fairly tough too.
Carthaginian Man at Arms Carthaginian Elephants
Resolve 6 7
vs. Legion 6, 8 w/Max Pac 4  
vs. Javelin 10 2
vs. Walls 8, cut walls fast Cool noise, no action
vs. Towers One shot kill Three shot kill
Structure Open square, 4x4 Max Pac. Inside Open square  
Speed Methodical, advance-pause-advance Steady walk, slowed by obstructions
Penetration 8 points in Along edge
Combined Act Max Pac sqr. Penetrates your formation as Open Sqr. engage - Ouch! advance w/troops Combination of open and tight Sqr. is very effective attack in open territory