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Enemy Army Catalog


First Type Second Type Notes
Man at Arms Spear Man
Sword, green legging and brown cape Rough horse cart and rider with sword Looks like Picts and Celts
Briton Man at Arms Briton Spear Man
Resolve 6 6
vs. Legion 8 4 If odds in their favor - tough on Legion
vs. Javelin 7 6
vs. Walls 5 4
vs. Towers One shot kill One shot kill
Structure MOB tight Sqr. Inside MOB One Chariot for every five Men at Arms in specified number of invading troops
Speed Direct Approach FAST! Run down Javelin
Penetration 7 points in 7 points in
Combined Act None - fight as mob None - fight as mob Max Pack to give Caesar a hard time

32 Britons attack. Men at Arms tough on Legions:
32 Britons Attack