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A lot has been said about handling our fleet four footed friends.

Aqueduct tactic

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Careful, I had them exterminate a legion once...

I tried running......but they got me...aaauuuugh! I suck at war...

MRed94: Don't despair. If you have enough cash to put towers on your walls, and to outfit a legion of two of javelins and/or cavalry, you can defeat all comers with the Death Row method. You have to maneuver close enough to attract the enemy along your wall and away from the interior of your town, and get out fast before they catch your decoy force, but if done repeatedly, this will work. In Carthago, when I first played, it is the only thing which went well. It is shaky with cavalry opponents but with very careful timing and liberal use of the pause button, you can manage it.

See also:Death Row, Tower Pickets