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Battle Tactic: Bounding Overwatch

Also called "Relay fire", and "Runaround"

Line your javelin troops in several successive rows (or overlap them all on one space, in a single dense row). As the enemy approaches, withdraw the closest units behind the rear most units, and do this repeatedly until the enemy, who is unable to catch your retreating relays of javelin troops, are showered constantly with javelins and are forced to retreat or are killed. If your map has limited space, than, as the enemy begins to back your javelin rows against the edge of the map, change their formation from parallel with the enemy front, to perpendicular, and move your peltasts (Javelins) out to the side, where the enemy must pursue them in a new perpendicular direction. (This tactic is readily combined with the "Crossing the T" method.)

As the enemy then chases the javelin troops toward another map edge, change formation again, so that your javelin troops revert to the original parallel row but are retreating in a direction opposite to their first retreat, and with the enemy in continued pursuit. In effect the enemy will be pursuing the javelin troops around the map, in a squared circle from one edge to the next, until they are picked off or driven of.

Of course this will not work with fast cavalry armies who can overtake your javelin troops.

advancing enemy
retreating first line
second line
third line

See also: Crossing the T