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Battle Tactic: Minotaur

Arrange 4 Legion squares so that two are echeloned forward on the flanks, and two in the center are echeloned to the rear or REFUSED to use the military parlance. This is a concave formation resembling the horns of a bull (a Minotaur for those who like Greek Mythology) It is essentially the reverse of the Steel bow deployment. The javelin troops in front of the center suares, pelt and lure the enemy forward toward the center suares who engage them while the two squares echeloned forward on the flanks, close in and evelope the enemy pinned by the center. The javelin troops can retreat behind the center squares as the enemy close in and continue firing.

A variation which I shall term the CLOSING VISE, is to deploy your formation in the steel bow, at first, so the enemy directs most of his strength against the center squares, without noticing the held back flank saures. Once he is engaged, you can bring the flank squares froward in the Minotar formation to attack his exposed flanks.



Terratheon, the Minotaur tactic reminds me of what the Zulu were said to have used, with the "slight" difference that the center was solid, with lighter troops on the horns.

Your comparion with the zulus is very apt: It insired the name and along with the battle of Cannae, the tactic as well. The Zulu Impi did label their flanks, center and reserves as the horns, Head and chest respectively, and they sought to envelope the foe before crashing in with the center and reserves. The flanks did consist of younger faster runners, while the center and reserves were made up of older, but more experienced and skillled veterans.