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Battle Tactic: End of the Rope

If you withdraw your heavy infantry before enemy missile troops, the enemy will become "frustrated" and will discontinue useless missile volleys against a retreating target. They will instead, try to rapidly close with your heavy troops for hand to hand combat. This is a terrible waste of missile troops which makes them easy meat for your heavy legions.

The tactic can be done with missile or cavalry troops as well. I have often lured enemy missile forces to chase, instead of firing upon my javelins, simply by retreating during the intervals between my volleys of fire. This works especially well with the bounding overwatch retrograde technique described earlier. With all units, start your retreats at the enemy's maximum firing range, so the enemy has to keep moving, rather than firing in order to close range enough to even try firing. Before they do reach a close range, retreat again.

Step 1

enemy missile troops
retreating line

Step 2

enemy missile troops
counter attack

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