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Battle Tactic: Crossing the T

Notice that enemy armies form a front which is parallel to the edge from which they enter the map. Instead of lining your troops parallel with the enemy front, You may align your army along a front which is perpendicular to the enemy front. The enemy will initially, be able to strike and fire with only the narrow flank units, while you may strike or shoot at their flank, with your full army's entire frontage. This gives you shock and fire superiority at the point of contact, and resembles the naval tactic for which I named this approach.

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A terrific amount of information today! I had discovered on my own/read in some other posts here a few of these tactics -- the bounding overwatch, baiting, crossing the T-- and used them to great effect, but this takes generalship in Caesar 3 to a whole new level. (And I remember reading a post about how boring combat is in Caesar 3!)

I've often trapped enemy legionaries into a crossing the T situation with my peltasts by initially deploying them perpendicular and in the center of an oncoming line formation, then 'retreating' laterally as the enemy legionaries advance.

[Gunterius Oeconimicus]

Nice tactics, specially the one called crossing the "T"...!!!


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