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Battle Tactic: T-Crossfire

A terrific amount of information today! I had discovered on my own/read in some other posts here a few of these tactics -- the bounding overwatch, baiting, crossing the T-- and used them to great effect, but this takes generalship in Caesar 3 to a whole new level. (And I remember reading a post about how boring combat is in Caesar 3!)

I've often trapped enemy legionaries into a crossing the T situation with my peltasts by initially deploying them perpendicular and in the center of an oncoming line formation, then 'retreating' laterally as the enemy legionaries advance.

[Gunterius Oeconimicus]

Stage 1.

Stage 2.


You have some good suggestions. The variation on the T cross you suggest works particularly well when you laterally withdraw the perpendicular unit poised at the center of the enemy line to it's flank, while you hold another parallel line of peltasts farther back, facing and firing upon the enemy front. (I'll label it "T CROSSFIRE" for convenience) Sometimes the enemy will advance to the side against the laterally withdrawing flank unit, while the parallel units continue firing without drawing the attention of enemy units moving across their front. If the enemy gets wise, and starts moving on the parallel units, these too can be withdrawn laterally to join the original unit on the enemy's flank. A very devastating combination is to take several javelin rows crossing the enemy T, and to use them in bounding overwatch retrograde, as the enemy line moves against these javelin rows which are perpendicular to it's flank.