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Battle Tactic: Burning Fuse

When your line of heavy infantry faces a roughly equal length of enemy units, send all of your javelin troops against only one sector of the enemy front, preferably a flank.

When this sector of your heavy infantry with javelin support whittles down the enemy opposite them to a small number, release your opposing heavy unit into pursuit mode. They will crush the few remaining enemies facing them and will start in against the flank of the adjacent enemy unit, already engaged with your other heavy infantry forces to their front.

Make sure you click the mouse to direct your pursuit forces against this exposed flank, if they start to meander off to pursue retreating stragglers who are no longer a threat. ( You can still direct pursuit mode forces against the units you want them to attack.) This will enable you to concentrate superior force against each successive sector of the enemy frontage, in turn until you roll up their line from the flank.

It is similar to the Flank Rolling Barrage attack outlined previosuly, but uses the pursuit mode, to speed up the process.


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