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Battle Tactic: Building/Rubble Barricade

Maneuver your javelin units in formation along roads which are parallel to, or in front of those traveled by the enemy, but separated from the enemy and their road path, by intervening rubble or buildings. The javelin troops will fire over the building or rubble at the enemy but the buildings will block the enemy (Shock troops), temporarily at least, from attacking the javelin troops, while rubble will at least slow them down.

Take care: If the enemy troops are missile troop, they can do the same to you.

Select expendable buildings, if possible. You may continue to move you javelin troops behind obstacles which block enemy access, but not their own fire. I have often retreated to lure the enemy into pursuing my firing javelins from one obstacle to the next or even round and round the same obstacle, until their losses forced them off.


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