Caesar 3 Battle Tactics


These pages present some of the possible tactics for dispatching enemies.

The original idea for this essay is from Moquel. His original post in the forum received several replies before it was sucked into cyberspace. Terratheon picked up the thread and started a new series of postings and managed to resurrect Moquel’s original post.

Jayhawk enhanced the original posts with images and tactical diagrams.

Open terrain tactics


City Tactics

Other Tactics and General Comments


  • Original idea Moquel
  • Loads of tactics Terratheon
  • Diagrams and Stand Alone Version Jayhawk
  • Additional suggestions and questions Angel Reckless Rodent, Pontius Pilatus, Bob the Lethargic, Dragonis, Caesarius Winnius, Dragon2, Gunterius Oeconimicus, MRed94, Cusius, Abelius, MartyParty.