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Caesar III Sites

Which Way To Rome?
Grumpus the Elder's unequaled site feaures help on designing blocks, strategy and the City Building 101 course. If you haven't been there...why not?
Catilina's Caesar 3 Page
Contains save games for the Macintosh version of Caesar 3. It includes all the campaign cities and a few other saves from user designed scenarios.
Bright Hub articles by theinkandpen
A series of articles/guides on various Caesar 3 topics.

Reviews Online

Adrenaline Vault (4.5/5)
"quite simply one of the best city planning games ever made, and it's up there with the best strategy games as a whole, too. I loved SimCity when it first came out, but I think for what it does Caesar 3 goes beyond what SimCity brought to the table back them. It manages to refine and improve on Caesar 2 without stripping away any of the charm or fun or messing with the great formula they already had established. They just added a bunch of features that make the game more fun and more challenging. I think Caesar 3 is a must-buy for fans of the game or anyone looking for a great city-planning strategy game"
Computer Games Online (4/5)
"Caesar III puts together several different moving pieces into an attractive, challenging, and addictive package. Balancing the competing demands for resources, taxation, security, development, and economic activity will stress the skills of the most skillful strategy gamers. The game is economically oriented, but there is enough military play to keep the aspiring centurions among the crowd interested. Players willing to make the investment in time will be rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment on their march to assume the imperial purple"
Electric Games (4/5)
"Good graphics and sound, very rich gameplay. Well worth the time of any city-building fan. Many options and interdependencies keep the game from becoming too easy. Excellent career mode"
Escape Magazine (9/10)
"absolutely beautiful to watch. The player can actually pick out and follow citizens from place to place, which is actually of importance when planning roads and building placement"
Exscape (95%)
"a great game that really does a lot with the concept of building a Roman city. Even simply building houses becomes a huge task as you try to attract higher-class patricians to villas and make your city truly grander than the great Rome itself. It's fun and addicting to the point where I had to force myself to stop playing it just to write this review. Caesar III is definitely the choice for you"
Gamenation (79%)
"My favorite thing about Caesar III is its replay value. I know you will have to rebuild your city many time before you get it just right. Which can be great fun!"
The GamerZone (5/5)
"Caesar III is much better than it's predecessors and I hope it continues on like this. It's very easy to become involved in a game like this and it's easy to learn. My father played it once and has never put it down. I had to fight him to review the game! It may take time to finally get your city up a running, but once it does, you'll enjoy it"
Games Domain (silver)
"If you are a fan of God games then you already own Caesar III and are reading this only to confirm your suspicion that it is just a kickass experience. But let's be serious - it is not a game, it's a job. You don't get to play the game, you get to manage little crybabies who whine at you endlessly about how poor and miserable their lives are and ho they would really like a Circus Maximus in the neighborhood to brighten things up. Ingrates. Every last one of them. The game is eminently frustrating, but that comes only from wanting to beat the whiners and prove to yourself that you are the best damn civil servant on the block"
"This game could very well be the best strategy game of the year, unless of course the much anticipated Alpha Centare by Sid can outdo it. Until then strategy fans, play Caesar III!"
Gamespot (7.9/10)
"Combat aside, Caesar III is a very good game. The early levels are especially fun, as the problems don't become apparent until later. Giving you more control in certain areas and less control in others would marginally improve things, but Caesar III manages to keep the positives well ahead of the negatives"
Gamespot Player Reviews (8.5/10)
"Many of the complaints about the first release have been fixed with the Version 1.01 patch and the Construction Kit Map Editor that Impressions has made readily available. While the military system is still not up to Age of Empires or other combat simulation levels, it provides enough of a challenge for players more intent on the construction of cities, adding variety to the city-building tasks of the game without becoming overwhelming. The newly added difficulty setting feature should also help ease first-time player frustrations"
IGamer (8.5/10)
"Like the old days with Sim City, Caesar will keep you coming back for more. When you beat a scenerio you even have the option of governing for another 2-5 years. Caesar III is not for everyone though. It will take quite a few hours to get used to the complex economic systems, but its rewarding. Caesar III is one of the best strategy games out there now and I would recomend it to any fan of the genre"
Multi-Player Online Gaming (3/5)
"has gameplay unlike any other strategy game. The focus isn't on combat like Starcraft or Total Annihilation but rather on building up a strong city and making it flourish. So how do you know if it's for you? The hardcore action fan will not enjoy it at all. If eye candy is the most important aspect of a game to you, then you certainly won't be impressed. However, if you like realistic empire-building and immersive strategy, historical context, and maybe even a little studying up on the game before you can play it, this game will suit you. In any case, the game is worth a try. It may not live up to the standards set by the many other strategy titles available, but it offers a gameplay all its own"
PC GamePro (A-)
"I haven't come to bury Caesar III, but to praise it. This realtime strategy game was worth the three-year wait. Truly, the Roman Empire risen again this fall"
"Caesar III is not a breakthrough title. It dishes out the same old mechanistic story of life or death. In this case, the player is a Roman governor who must build and maintain a city or Caesar will feed him to the lions. It's also a run-of-the-mill resource management game"
Wargamer (4/5)
"This is not a game; it is a master?s degree course. The research you need to do to understand and play this game well is overwhelming. If, like this reviewer, you are a Roman fanatic, you are half way home ? but only half way. I take great pride in my long, fruitful and delicious association with all things Roman, and how there is always something new to learn about Rome. Well, this game has taught me some things ? it is a learning experience"
WarZone (4.5/5)
"the best pure city building game I?ve played. With Caesar 3 Sierra/Impressions has stepped out of the SimCity shadow into a brand new day"

Rome on the Web

Cives Romani
The CIVES ROMANI web ring looks interesting. It "links sites that promote the study, re-enactment, and enjoyment of ancient Roman culture" and has 69 sites currently.
Imperial Fora: The Official Website
The website to visit in the Eternal City. Maps, pictures and even a webcam. Careful, though, some of the pages have not been translated to English.