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Technical FAQs

Having game play problems of a technical nature? This is the place to look! Hopefully the most common issues are addressed. For any other problems or questions, please post your problem in our Tech Help forum.

Table of Contents:

Installation & Game Play problems

What Are the System Requirements?
  • Pentium 100 ( Pentium 133 recommended)
  • 16MB RAM (32MB Ram recommended)
  • 150mb Hard drive space
  • 100MB free after installation for Virtual Memory
  • Quad speed or faster CD-ROM (12x or faster CD-ROM recommended)
  • Windows '95 or '98
  • SVGA (640x480 with 16 bit High Color)
  • Mouse (or other pointing device)
When I try and install CIII, it crashes!
  • Make sure the C: drive has enough free space( 150 to install and at least 100 for the virtual memory needed to run the program).
  • Run ScanDisk and Defrag on the C:\ drive and on the drive Caesar3 was installed on(if applicable).
  • Make sure the windows temp file is empty. Usually the directory is C:\Windows\Temp
  • Be sure you have the latest sound and video drivers installed.
  • Restart the computer before attempting the installation. When the computer reboots, make sure ALL other programs are closed.(This includes desktop utilities, virus scanners, etc)
  • Be sure to install DirectX 6.
  • Set the screen to 16 bit High Color and 640x480.
What Version of DirectX does CIII use?
Caesar III was designed to use DirectX 6. www.microsoft.com/directx has the latest version for downloading.
Screen freezes/locks up while playing or Game crashes on Level "X"

Make sure you have the required 100 megs minimum free on the C: drive, Directx6 and current video/sound drivers. Run Scandisk and Defrag on the C: drive. Try restarting the computer and closing all programs before resuming the game.

If the game still continues to crash at the exact same point, remove and clean the CD gently (wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust and fingerprints. Check for any scratches on the CD).

There is also a chance of a corrupted CIII file(s) if the crash keeps occurring. In this case, back up all your SAV & MAP game files, uninstall and then reinstall CIII. When the game is reinstalled, copy your SAV & MAP files back into the Caesar3 directory, and run Defrag once again before playing.

The information contained in this document is provided as a reference for game play problems/issues.  Reasonable attempts were made to ensure the information is accurate. However, Gamestats, HGS or providers to this document are not liable for any damage to hardware or software that may incidentally or consequently  result from the advice, suggestions or other information found herein. Questions with drivers or concerns with irregular computer problems, contact your hardware and/or computer vendor.